When You Love All The Books

reading life

As I think back over my reading life, I realize that I have read many different types of books over the year. My mom was a teacher and because of that, we had a lot of Dick and Jane type books around the house. I can remember trying to read them even before I was only enough to be doing so. I have been a reader ever since.

I read Ramona and the Babysitter’s Club. As I got older I went through a Christopher Pike stage and after that, I spent about 10 years reading mostly Christian fiction with some John Grisham thrown in the mix. It was about the time I had my first child that I realized there was so much more out there in the world of books. There was the popular fiction books that everyone read, historical fiction which I have always been a fan of, fantasy and later on YA as that genre started to become popular.

These days, at the age of 37, my reading life is based on almost any type of book that looks interesting to me. I want to know that the book is good and that a lot of people enjoyed reading it too. I don’t want to waste my time on a book I have to put down half way through. I want to make sure that before I start a book that I am going to enjoy reading that story.

I love talking about books with other people and I am lucky enough to have friends that like to read a lot of different kind of books as well. As I look at my TBR list, which will never be completed in this lifetime, I see a little bit of everything and I love that.

Sometimes I want to read about Paris in 1944 and other times I want to read about a dystopian adventure in the far future. I am thankful I live in the time that I do. I have access to almost every book I would want to read. Whatever mood I am in, there is a book out there to match. I have access to libraries and bookstores and even friends who might have a book I am looking to read next. As a blogger, I can review books and learn about new ones as they come out into the world. My TBR pile will always be too long and that is okay with me.

They say you can’t ask a reader what their favorite book is and this is pretty much true. I could tell you what I loved in high school, a Christy Miller book. I could tell you what I loved in college or in my mid to late 30s. And then today, what is my favorite today? There are too many choices and I honestly can’t tell you which one of the books I have read lately is my favorite. That depends on the day you ask me that question.

What about you? Do you like all the books like I do? Anything you won’t read? Anything you find yourself reading more than any other type of book?